A personal approach to doing business

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Accountancy

Thomas Fiscaliteiten en Jaarverslagen / Thomas Tax and Annual Reports is here to help – with your taxes, with financial planning, and with general accountancy.

Beyond the spreadsheets, the numbers and the software, I’ve always believed that the best, most successful businesses are the ones that mirror the personalities and values of their founders. At Thomas Fiscaliteiten en Jaarverslagen / Thomas Tax and Annual Reports, that means building personal relationships out of professional ones. It means really, truly getting to know the individuals behind every business, so that I can provide financial and tax solutions that really, truly work. It also means we’re much more likely to discuss business over coffee or a beer than at a boardroom table.

This approach has worked since I was 17, when I started out. My father agrees – so much so that after 35 years of running his own accountancy firm, he jumped on board with me.

Clients come to Thomas Fiscaliteiten en Jaarverslagen / Thomas Tax and Annual Reports with tax problems – and other questions, too. Thinking of expanding your business into a new neighbourhood? Want to weigh up the risks of a merger or acquisition? Starting to think about life beyond retirement? Untangling the issues is easiest when you have someone to listen – and I’m always happy to do just that. Like every good relationship, ours will be built on communication and trust, and I value yours.

So, let’s talk through your business achievements and plans, brainstorm your worries and concerns. I won’t be long until we’re wrapping up with hugs, high fives, and the beginnings of a meaningful friendship.

Every person, every business, and every friendship I’ve made as a result is different.

And I can’t imagine doing things any other way.

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