The person behind the practice

Meet Thomas van der Jagt

Thomas van der Jagt: that’s me. Accountancy is in my blood – for 35 years, my father had his own firm. But more than anything, I’ve always loved helping people. In fact, when I was 17, I helped my hairdresser with their bookkeeping – then did the same for a camper rental company, then a tech start-up.

A small handful of clients became a larger group and, before long, I had a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from the Hogeschool in Amsterdam. Then I completed the theoretical modules of the associate’s degree. And now I have more than 20 years’ experience under my belt.

You know the old cliché: time flies when you’re having fun. Well, in my case, it’s true. In that 20 years, I’ve helped people who run record labels and organise festivals; talked business with DJs, producers and musicians; had meetings and drinks with digital marketing specialists, the creative minds behind ground-breaking start-ups, real estate executives, restaurateurs and bar owners. And, of course, I still hang out with hairdressers.

Every person, every business, and every friendship I’ve made as a result is different.

And I can’t imagine doing things any other way.

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